I Am Not In The Business Of Getting Likes

Good Morning, lets go.

I have never wanted people’s attention. For years I thought I was an introvert. I wasn’t shy or afraid, I didn’t get drained from crowds. I just didn’t mind being alone. I didn’t mind hiding away and enjoying my peace.

Yet, over the last two years I have done more extroverted things than not. I have singled myself out like a clown. I had done things that made me stand out. Things that made ordinary life fun, and it made people happy. Like dressing up in funny outfits for work or wearing Halloween costumes every week during October.

So, I challenged myself to do things that bring me attention, which goes against my nature. To be honest, I don’t know what to do with the attention. I really, really, want to divert it.

The thing is, when I do crazy shit I don’t really want people’s attention. I do it because it entertains me, it helps me grow as a person, I get over other the need for other’s approval.

The same reason is for the blog. I don’t write it for the likes or attention. I do it because I like to write. I do it for me. But my selfish desire to write is going to take a backseat to give you a reason to read and share.

Why would I do that?

Because like you, I want more.

I want more readers, I want my writing to help more people, I want to outlive myself through ideas.

Life demands growth. I want my creativity and spirit to spread. Yes, eventually I want to EARN my living through my writing, but that can wait.

For now I want to serve, I want to be a challenger to the mundane expectations of your life. I want you to see and enjoy your life as an ongoing story. I want to be your fucking Haymitch in the Hunger Games of life. I don’t think I can be your Yoda, but I could try and be the Obi Wan to your Luke Skywalker.

The more I study and read, the more I realize what a detached voice does for readers. It gives an outside perspective that in most cases a person will never engage in their lives. That is what this blog attempts to do.

This blog may bear my name, but it is no longer about me. It is about you. It really has always been about you. As much as I think I am just expressing myself, I deep down want it to be some help in your life.

What is to come?

What should you expect going forward?

Before I jump into what I want to do, I want to let you in on my thinking.

When it comes to business, content creation, and the world of building a brand- be it personal or corporate there are things that matter. In my pseudo-research on the topic, I have come to the realization that certain things matter.
(So, if you write or want to make something happen online pay attention to this list.)

1. Interest: Your first connection with your consumer is going to be a shared interest. If you write about baseball, that is what they are going to first and foremost come to you for. Don’t get it twisted, they like baseball and because you talk about baseball they might listen to you. That is where the second on the list comes in, personality.

2. Personality: Who you are. That could be a lot of things in your mind. But to your audience what matters is if they connect with you. People I hate to say it are selfish and they really like people they identify with. They follow and like people who are like them. But the benefit is if you are confident (not cocky) people will like you too, because they imagine that is how they are. People who have favorite comedians see themselves in the comedian. The same goes with online personas. But that isn’t the only thing that makes them like you, what helps is the story you are telling.

3. Story: Oh, this is where the work comes in. You have two choices in my opinion, about the story you are going to tell. It can either be the mentor/guide or of the representative of their journey. Let’s start with the representative. If you are the adventurous type and out there doing shit, people will connect on two different fronts, one is they are living through your adventures, the other is you represent the adventures they are having. Either way they connect with your spirit. They see you as kin. The stories you tell connect with them. It shows them hope of opportunity and gives them connection with someone like them. The other storyteller is that of the sage. It is passed down wisdom, it is tested philosophy, it is an encouragement and warning, it is the prophet coming down from the mountain to deliver a choice. This storytelling makes the listener the hero. It is for their adventure ahead. Both types of storytelling require a connection to the audience.

Where does that put us?
I didn’t hide my motive from you. I am the second storyteller, I don’t want to go adventuring, in fact I want to write fiction. But the deep seed nature of who I am can’t help but want to write and to be helpful.

I want you to succeed, I think the world needs more people who live out their dreams. I honestly believe that most people would love to live in a world where everyone wins. As the saying goes “If you win that doesn’t mean I have to lose.”

I believe we live in an abundant universe and that at different times we can all fulfill a calling on our life. I also believe that none of them have to be the only calling or desire of our lives. We are free to reject a calling and to move in a false direction, for some it is to live a life of misery.

But, that is why storytellers are there to help us. These people help us to avoid the pitfalls of life. They aren’t here to tell us our path, but to help us find our own and avoid the wrong ones. They aren’t here to live our lives for us, but to help us see the path before us. I hope you understand I am not here to get likes. I am here to help you get what you want.

Let’s Go

I know this is a long post.
And I hope it was worth it.
There is just a bit more to go.

The Future

Before the year is out, I will have the topics or interest I want to write about set in stone. What interest I think we can connect on. Even though I know what posts get traction here it doesn’t bind me to them.
Here is the thing, I know if I wanted to, I could build an audience on a mound of bullshit. There are topics people will blindly follow. It doesn’t matter how good or bad the writing is. They do this to reassure themselves about what they believe. I get it, sometimes we think more of other’s thoughts than our own. Having read what they said confirms what one believes.

The thing is whatever I settle on, I want you to be a part of. I don’t want you to leave because you were only here for one post. I want you to be here because you read this shit and it gets you excited about your own life. It gets you pumped on your own dreams…

I want you to come here for good vibes. I want you to come here because you are entertained. I also want to inject my humor in every post. I want to have fun. I want you to laugh and think. That shit ain’t easy, but it is something I want to do.

I don’t want to be your guru. I want to be your favorite writer.
I want to create the best fucking stories and art I can.
I also want to build up as much Karma as possible.
Like I said, I really want to be a fiction writer… But I also enjoy writing nonfiction like this.
I don’t want attention, but if you don’t know me, there is no way for you to read what I have written.
I hope to earn your support.

I know this fucking post is 4x longer than what I wanted it to be. But I want to be up front with you.
Shit is going to change between now and the end of the year. Writing on the weekends and working on other projects throughout the week will change what we have going on, but I want you to know, we will always have this. We will have these mornings to motivate each other and put one more foot forward to achieve our dreams.

With that being said. Love you!

Later Gator 🐊