Just Starting

Good morning, let’s get it.

So, this week was different. Writing like every post upfront has been difficult for me. I love the morning mental dump and not taking that dump… Anyway, I have to change my habits to actually get writing projects done. So, there is going to be a lot of changes coming to the blog: The style will change, the topics, the flow, because I need to be better at this. I know this can be 10x better. You deserve a better morning companion.

Change is Hard

It is easy to avoid doing hard things. It is easy to just go with the flow. To keep doing what seems to be working. But the reality is what seems to be working doesn’t mean it is living. If there is not growth, there is no life.

The reality is change and doing hard things until they become easy is part of human nature.

We all start off doing things that at first seem hard or impossible, like driving a car 80 miles an hour surrounded by others going the same pace, at night, with a student driver at the wheel. Shit could kill you.
But then you do it enough and it is simple and normal. The same goes for self-made work. We take on harder and harder projects that pushes us to the next level. It is not in our nature to settle for what is.

Grasping At The Next Step

I have a lot of projects that I want to get to. So having the morning to try and focus on those is going to be helpful. But one of those projects is this blog. There are 150+ posts. Some of those are still being read. Which means I need to make the time to go back and edit them. Fun 😩
So, as we push forward I hope to serve you better.

I appreciated you all for reading.
Thanks for letting me be part of your morning.

The nice thing is I feel like we are just getting started.

Later Gator 🐊