Writing This Post Took Me Two Days

Good morning, let’s go.

So, I did my best to write this Fucking blog post over the weekend. Do you want to know what I did instead of writing. I took notes on how to write better. That’s right. I didn’t do the simplest thing I know how to do, write thoughts down.

There is a wall I hit anytime I try to get something done. That wall has been with me since I was a kid. I would read the dictionary and learn random words because I felt inadequate. I felt inadequate because I barely attended school and was always behind. On top of that I probably should have been checked for ADHD. But it was the 80’s and they would just pass a kid along… No child left behind in a classroom, but a mother-fucker can be left behind intellectually.

So, the pattern kicked in as I thought about freeing my time up to write. I wanted to give ya’ll something of value. So, I got caught in my head trying to figure that out. Which left me feeling like I am not only inadequate at writing, really blogging, and/or pursuing my dreams. Gotta say it felt like a kick int the nuts. The kind that hurts your stomach.

But then I remembered that I intentionally blogged fast and loose. I liked writing in the morning and having no idea what was going to happen. I had to forgive myself for not being professional and having my shit in order. Being organized isn’t part of my nature. It is something I must use if I want to get things done. Writing the blog in this manner is no different.

We all have obstacles we have to overcome. Sometimes they make us feel like shit. We look at how easy it is for others and feel lesser. We look at the wall and never look for a ladder. If you are like me stop beating yourself up. Look for a ladder and use it. Put systems in place to get shit done.

Alright, I got more writing to do and it is really late.

Later Gator 🐊