Good Morning, Let’s Own The Rest Of The Year

Good Morning,
Let’s Go.

This is the last morning post for me. Starting next week the posts will be published Monday through Friday. Because I will be writing the posts Saturday and Sunday.

I need that writing time for other projects.

I don’t know what kind of changes will happen. I don’t know how this blog will change because of it. My hope is I serve you my readers better. I hope to deliver something special every week. I see the repeat messaging, and I know it helps to get the same information in different ways. But We need to progress. We need a better blog that pushes us, makes us laugh, and is a bit more personal. I hate talking about myself. But you also deserve to know a bit about me, that takes work and time to think to produce. So, the new schedule should work to make a better blog.

On the other side, I should have at least 4,000 words a week written. I have at least on book I need to finish writing, one book series I want to write, and a desire to write a graphic novel. On top of that Because the nature of the blog, I also want to write a nonfiction book, because I read more nonfiction than fiction. With a 4,000 word count a week I can finish a decent book in 15 weeks. That is a long and short bit of time. I am sure once I figure out my schedule, I can get 8,000 words in a week, but I am trying to be modest about it.

There is an old-time saying, “Plan your work, and work your plan.”

Creativity demands time. It demands focus. It needs constriction to flex against.
We have three months left of the year left. We can prepare for next year while we get shit done this year. You can still accomplish a lot. You can prepare for next year. You can kick-ass and create something you love. Make the rest of the year yours.

I gotta go.

Later Gator 🐊