When You Die, There Will Be Laughing IF You Lived

Good morning, let’s go.

There is a lot of laughing at funerals.
Of course crying, but if someone lived a good life, there is a lot of laughing.
There is a lot of memories shared.
I’ve been to a lot of funerals.
We all have to face death.
But before that.
We must choose to live.

Our best memories happen in ordinary moments. They happen with others. They happen when we choose to have fun. They happen when we lighten up. They happen when we make poor decisions. They happen as we live.

Jokes bind us together. Humor builds connections that last.

There is a somber realization that we all will expire.
Most of us won’t leave behind a life well lived.
Most of us will leave behind a life bound by fear.
Most of us will leave behind loved ones who just wish we were here.
Most of us will leave and the world won’t shed a tear.
Most of us have the opportunity to make every day count.
Most of us have the opportunity to love others better.
Most of us can be more than we are right now.

What makes a person fun to be around is they don’t take themselves seriously. They live in the situation without reservations of how others will perceive them. They let go of fear- we can let go of fear and enjoy our lives and take others along for the ride. That is how is how life is made into fun memories.

Anyway, I gotta go.

Later Gator 🐊