Collect What You Need

Good Morning, Let’s GO.

There is power in limitation. When we are being creative, sometimes we over do it. We think we need the best, or more, or more time. Creativity thrives on limitation. It is born out of problems. When given too many resources it flounders. If becomes bedazzled jeans, shirt, jacket, hat, and shoes just because you have bedazzler stuff; fucking embarrassing. Limiting what you do and what you use to create with. Doing that will help focus you on an actual outcome. The reality is the bare minimum works because creativity will take over and create what you need to accomplish the goal.

One of our biggest problems is collecting information. We know we do not know everything, but we fail to realize we know enough to get shit done. We know enough to start our project, art, and business. Most of the time we don’t need more tools. We don’t need more supplies. We don’t need more time. We don’t need more books on the subject. We don’t need more- we need less. We need action. We need to get to work.

But we do need to know what isn’t working. If we get creative enough, we can fix whatever problem we have in our lives. Sometimes the problem we have stares at us in the mirror. We create problems that don’t actually exist. We make problems bigger than they are. Or we don’t deal with our own issues. We think we need more when in fact we need to deal with ourselves. Creativity will stop if you don’t deal with your bullshit or at least set it aside so you can get your work done. Being trapped is not the same as limiting yourself. When you choose your limits you become come limitless. When you feel trapped, you only see walls. Get out of your way, collect what you need and get to work.

Later Gator 🐊