When You Feel Like Life is Against You, Remember This

Good morning, let’s go.

You are a big fucking deal. Everything it took to get you to this point in life is amazing. Human history got you to this point, parents, educators, good and bad decisions all got you here. Everything worked to put you in this place, in this story. It is yours to meet out. It is your life.

Yes, there are people who have to fight oppression. That is their story. Yes, there are people who have to overcome trauma. That is their story. Yes, there are people who have to overcome poverty. That is their story. There are people who have to overcome horrible and unhealthy family dynamics. That is their story.

Our stories, our best ones, unfortunately, are born in struggle.

It doesn’t matter if it is a funny story, inspiring, or tragic. The best stories are placed in struggle because others can learn from them. If nothing bad happens, it is just something that happened. It doesn’t matter if the bad thing had nothing to do with you, it becomes a part of your story. Shit, it might become the catalyst for a new and better life. If you are struggling to achieve a dream, it is a story. If you go to the store and nothing happens, it isn’t a story. It isn’t worth telling.

We learn from stories.

I don’t know what struggle is happening in your story. What I know is you can learn from it. You can overcome it. You can work around. You can grow from it. And if you choose a purpose and a dream you can direct it.

Life is up to you.

Everything that is happening, is happening for you. Have that mindset, it makes it easier to kick ass.

Later Gator šŸŠ