Hey, Believe In You

Good morning, let’s go.

There is something missing from your vision of who you are. It is a problem most of us have. We miss it because it is allocated to others. You are creative. You are a leader. You are capable of changing your life.

Now, I have met people who lack. They are missing something upstairs and yet they are still succeeding. They still push to better their lives. They don’t let the limp they live with stop them from completing the marathon. They persevere.

If clueless socially inept people can make a living and pursue their dreams, so can you.

I know it is fucked up to compare ourselves to others. But. But it has to be done when we think less of ourselves than we should. It is not us being humble it is us accepting a shitty verdict about ourselves that is groundless. And even if we can’t shake the negativity, we know in comparison we are still capable of putting in the work and going after our dreams or at least a life we enjoy.

The smallest step towards change is accepting the fact that you are a creative problem solver and can come up with solutions to any problem. The second is accepting that you are the leader of your life, you can say this is where I want to go and put the effort in to get there. The third thing is you absolutely are able to make changes that matter in your life, be it your fitness, financial situation, career, or relationships, you can make it different, no matter how long it takes.

Believe in yourself, and if you are socially inept, don’t worry, plenty of people will accept you for you. I have seen it done, even with the most annoying people.

Later Gator 🐊