Dreams That Haunt Us

Good Morning, let’s do this.

There are creative dreams that never leave us. When someone else does something like it our hearts leap. When we think about doing it, we feel the excitement. When we give in to our deep urges we get a bitter joy. The bitterness is because we should have never stopped pursuing our instinctual desire, the joy is because we are back on the path.
The ghost of that desire pulls us in.
It makes us want to do a thing.
It haunts us.

Most people break free. They exorcise the spirit. They move on.

It is a curse.

The responsibilities of the world send us into new spaces.
Spaces we really didn’t plan on going.
We wind up working.
And working.
Until we finally take a shovel out and bury our dream.
The shallow grave is maligned with unrest.
A walking death, pulls it’s self from the ground.
It wasn’t ready to die.
You are tethered.
As long as you live the spirit lives too.
You might try to bury it under responsibilities.
It won’t work.
The more shallow graves you dig, the bigger the cemetery’s becomes.
Eventually, your night of the living dead will come too.
Your soul split into a thousand pieces.
They will either consume you with regret.
You will choose to resurrect the ones closest to you.

You may just choose to be consumed with guilt and shame.

There is no right answer, but you must answer.

I must answer.

What I have to do to live in peace, isn’t the same as you.
What you have to do to exorcise your creative spirit is self-revealed.
You know what you did to bury it alive and hope that it died.
You know what to do to resuscitate it.
Like a vampire hunter, you know what to do to end it.
You have the wooden stake.
You know where you laid it to rest.
You know in the light of day is when it is best to strike.
Aim for the heart and end your mourning.

For me the calling is too strong.
I would rather not pretend I can move on.
The shallow grave beacons me.
I am like the witch that must revive my lost love.
I must do what I can and price be damned.
I must toil and let everything else spoil.
I must because want is too weak to for the calling.
I do not know what adversity lies ahead.
I know that my love is calling.
And I must resurrect the dead.

Later Gator 🐊