Plan, Just Make a Plan

Good morning, let’s go.

Planning is a pain in the ass.
It takes time.
It takes foreknowledge and guess work.
It takes assumption.
It is work.
It is the work that needs to be done before we actually do something.

Going to the gym without a plan might work for a small number of people. But those who want to see results it doesn’t. Workouts have to be mundane and thought out. Each body part worked in correlation with the results desired.
The reason is, over time we see the results of our efforts. It is getting stronger, losing weight, gaining muscles, or producing physical results that are measured as we go.
The plan for the actions we will take at the gym, produce results over time.
Which means day one, week one, month one will have low to no results. But the actions if stuck to will change us. In a year, there will be a measurable difference. Hell in three months there will be.
The gym is a place where we challenge our limits.

Let’s suppose you don’t workout to failure. Will you get stronger? Yes. Your body will adapt to whatever limit you push it to. The same is with your skill level. I don’t know if there is a limit to skill. I don’t know if people actually have limits or if we say, this is as far as I am willing to go. I have seen photorealistic art, that in my mind is beyond my patience level, it is admirable and beautiful, it is art on the level of wow. It is also time intensive and took years of learning and growing for the artist to reach new levels of realism. There are problems in our life that at first seemed impossible, but after they reoccured we knew how to handle them. We learned how to improve, avoid, or preempt those problems.
But not always.

Some people refuse to learn.
Some people point their finger and blame someone or something else for their repeated problems.
They don’t realize they are in control of their situations. They look to the outside world and find their failure in the situation as inevitable.
It is easy to see in the diet and fitness world. People have poor eating habits, they think with their tastebuds instead of fueling their bodies. They throw their hands up and claim to not be flexible instead of stretching, they are disappointed in their cardio health, but refuse to go for a nice long walk.

The dirty part of responsibility for most of us comes into planning for our financial future. Saving, investing, becoming more profitable to ourselves as we work. We look to the world and see the problem as an outside thing. We undervalue our worth and overestimate our ability. We expect others to have our best interests and fail to actually take action on our own behalf. We complain about the shit job, and then go fishing. We talk about going back and telling our younger-self to stay in school and blah, blah, blah, but we don’t take the advice to heart and change our lives based on what we know is true about our situation today.
We don’t make a plan based on what we know. We live day by day, assuming life will always be the same.

Creating a plan for your life doesn’t mean it is going to happen. What it does is puts you behind the driver’s seat in situations. And as you go around the race track (a year of being alive) you can navigate the way better. You know what roads to stay clear of, what paths might be best, what dips can flatten your tiers.

Creating a plan, even a flawed one will help you know what actions to take to improve your situation. Be it, putting in for a better job every time it comes up, going to school, getting an online certification, going to networking events, working on your confidence, learning a specific skill so your resume looks better, asking for help, leading a project, or picking up a hobby because you need some part of your life where the task is the reward.

Making a plan helps.

I am out of time.

Later Gator 🐊