The Cost of Opportunities

Good morning, let’s go.

You have a kick-ass day. I am serious. Enjoy your day, have fun. Do something that echoes into the future that will make your life better. Get your blood running. Feel alive. Take deep breaths in and out. Reassure yourself no matter what happens you will make your way.

Life is full of opportunities.
It is the truth.
Most of those opportunities require work.
Some, luck.
But they all require you to believe in yourself.

Life is a process of believing in ourselves more and more over time. It is going from unknowing to mastery. It is going from this is hard and it sucks to this is easy and I am ready to do something else. If we put in the work over time we become better. At some point we can really change and become great. At some point, we can do things we never thought possible. At some point our story changes from learning to do something to teaching others. We become more that efficient. Action over time produces skill and Knowledge through experience. Every set back makes you better. Every obstacle you overcome gives you confidence in your ability. Every challenge you handle becomes a sign you are better than you were.

So, today is a great day for you to pursue your dreams. It is a great day to start doing the hard things. Eventually they will become easy.

There is always a trade. There is always a price to pay when going for an opportunity. We have to exchange our comfort for the unknown. Even if we get lucky this is true. Any real opportunities will change our lives in some way.

So, go out there and enjoy your day. Get better at living. Take on new challenges. Be yourself.

Later Gator 🐊