Your Life’s Echo

Good morning, let’s go.

A lot happens in our personal lives that affects each of us differently. The echo of actions and lives of others change our journey in radical ways. From heartbreak to life partner to best friend, we don’t have control over the consequences when it comes to relationships. Two years ago, my Aunt passed away. She was there for my family growing up. She was indispensable and responsible for some of my fondest memories. I have best friends who I rarely speak to, but when we are together our bond is still true. Then there are people who I met had long conversations with and don’t remember them existing. Poor memory. On the other hand, I had people who I thought I would always be friends with just go and never look back. Some of them I learned were only in my life for a good time, not a long time.

The Queen died yesterday. I get that there are people who mourn and people who are not a fan at all. I am not a fan of royalty- I think it is a con. But a very public figure who had a hand in shaping the world for better or worse is now gone. A legacy that spans 7 decades. Insane.

Our journey in life has a starting place.
That starting place isn’t the ending. We do not have to live the life set before us, be it poverty, royalty, or mediocrity. We have influence over our fate. We have the ability to set our own course, for better or worse. We can choose the impact we will have on the lives of others, just by how we choose to live. Not all of us will die and have the world mourn us. But some of us will die and the echo of our lives will positively impact generations.

The story of your life is a choose your own adventure. Pick your peril, a life at a dead end job or one where you fight for your dreams.

Have a good weekend.

Later Gator 🐊