Attitude and Obstacles to Your Routine

Good morning, let’s go.

The third day in a fucking row! This time it was a half hour of my morning. A half hour of my morning cleaning up dog shit everywhere.

I am done.

I got nothing.

Get up, get after it, enjoy your day. Interruptions in your routine are a part of life. They aren’t reasons to quit. If anything they are reasons to push harder.

It is not a good time when shit happens. It brings on emotions that can either produce more effort or deter it. Self-talk can take place like, “Why bother, nothing goes right anyway.” Or “Too many bad things happen to me. I don’t think I can keep a routine.” Shit like that hurts our mindset and life changing habits. Switch that bitch up, “I can get through this and get my ____ done. I’ve got this.” Or “I know this feels hard, but that will go away after I have been at it long enough. Once that happens this will feel easy.”
Whatever you choose to say to yourself to get you through matters. You could go negative or positive. No matter what time will pass and you will get through the situation, they don’t last forever. If you choose to go positive, you will come out better for it. If you go negative you will reinforce a mindset that hurts your ability to take risks, go after your dreams, and have faith in what you do.
It is a fucking choice. Positive vibes after you clean up the dog shit works too. I give you permission to grumble while you clean it. It is literally shit. On drapes, books in the bookshelf, slippers… Oh, man. I really hope we can figure this guy out.

Alright, have a great day.

Later Gator 🐊