Top Of Your Game

Good Morning, let’s rock and roll.

The world is a big place with a variety of obstacles and problems. We live in times of major catastrophes, upheavals, and fucking disappointments. No matter what is happening in the great big world, we have to figure our shit out. We have to figure out how to live. When trying to figure out how to live, we decide our purpose. This happens based on two motivating drives, discontent and passion. Both are fucking needed. It is the good and bad of life. It is the we have a problem and there is somewhere I want to be. The we have a problem is one you can no longer accept as a part of life. From big problems to small ones, it doesn’t matter, a part of your life will not sit with it and let that problem persist. The other is passion, be it based in a talent, an actual place, or a dream, what excites you to live, what makes you happy, what produces in you a spark that could inspire the world.

The negative in life, is always just a question, What are you going to do about it and how bad do you want it?

The story of your life could be summed up in a shitty obituary. It could state facts about you that are common to anyone. Or it can tell a story. A story about your effects on the world. A story where you are the hero. A story where you do shit bigger than yourself. A story worth writing about. I am not talking about being famous, rich, powerful. I am talking about being a pillar, an influence, a beacon of light in the world of darkness. Living your best life inherently means overcoming obstacles that make you a better person. The lowest version of yourself couldn’t live the best version of your life. The only way to be at the top of your game is to beat it.

Every great story has shitty moments, failure, and defeat. They don’t end there. As long as you have breath, keep pushing. If we don’t change the world before our story ends, we can at least influence before we go.

Later Gator 🐊