Our Starting Point In Life Begins When WE Decide to Take Charge

Good morning, let’s go.

The fucking inciting incident. In storytelling, that happens in the beginning of a story. Before that there are two common things. First, the hero of the story has a routine, a way of being. The second thing, the hero has a desire that he or she believes will make their life better. It is the set up for the story.

If you have a shitty life, that is part of your story. If you want to make it better, but never actually do anything to change, that too is part of your story. It is called the fucking beginning. I don’t care how old you are, how stuck you feel. In story terms, you are at the start.

The inciting incident doesn’t have to be a major event. Those are easier catalysts to get going, but they don’t have to happen to start. You don’t have to get fired, cheat on your spouse, be cheated on by your spouse, have a near death experience, win the lottery, or lose a loved one. There are two things that will help you get your shit together and your act in gear. First is the AHA moment. That is when you realize something has been holding you back and bam! Your mind connects the dots and you take action on this new information. Think of it like a religious conversion. The second way, would be a Popeye moment. It is when you “stand all you can stand and you can’t stands no more.” You are fed up and decide to change the situation.

If life is a journey, it is a hero’s journey. It is a story, it will have its ups and downs. There will be shit to go through and moments of triumph. No one’s story is the same. It is up to us to choose to live life like it is a journey and the Almighty is in collaboration with us to create it. That no matter how bad it get’s it is all for our benefit. It is for us to look at obstacles and problems in our life as the Almighty, the Universe, pushing us to live a full and inspired life.

We all have the beginning of a great story. It doesn’t matter our background. What matters is we have the heart of a hero and our desire makes the world a better place.

Today is a good day to start your adventure.

Later Gator 🐊