Blogging Because It’s What I do

Hey, my dear reader’s.

I have a change coming to the blog. Nothing earth shattering. But as for me the writer it feels big. Big enough to announce. If you didn’t know I wake up, write on the fly. Whatever idea comes to mind or has been on my mind comes to the screen. Really though, I wake up, piss, make coffee and breakfast, work on a novel I am writing and then switch gears to write the blog. I also get distracted with social media- because that is how I am. None of that shit is going to change. But what I write here will.
How much change? Enough for it to annoy some of you.
The thing is I plan on writing a lot more fiction. I am a fucking nerd. Not a nerd’s nerd, but nerdy enough to enjoy writing fiction, creating art, and I enjoy learning about art and storytelling. I also believe the hero’s journey is a great framework for thinking about life.
And that is the change.

The reason for the change is just to make things easier on my brain… And maybe if I put a book out you would give it a read. Because I am not into being a guru or inspirational person, I want you to consider me an entertainer, a writer, a storyteller, a fucking goof, who has executive dysfunction and cannot apply what he knows. I am a creative person. But really, I like writing the positive-inspirational-motivational posts. And that shit ain’t going to change. That is also why the only thing that is going to change will be the framework.

So that is that. Have a great weekend.

Later Gator 🐊

Oh, and because I am a fucking nerd, I may refer to you as heroes. Like good morning heroes. Because to me you are all, the hero in your own story.