Doom Scrolling And Golf Courses

Good morning, let’s go.

With the world imploding because of our abuse of the planet, greed, and ableism. There is a shit ton of bad news. All the fucking time. Not only that we, humanity, act like our bullshit hobbies are more important that reality. We act as if because someone has money, they have the right to decimate our resources because of our arbitrary rules. Golf courses are draining our water supply and the reason the government doesn’t interfere is because it is something people in power like to do. These mother fuckers have no problem with closing bars or strip clubs. They have no problem shutting down a kids lemonade stand, or destroying a person’s home to build a highway through it. They have no problem hurting poor people and taking more than their share, because they made the rules and that is fair to them.

The majority of us are watching the world burn on our screens. War, extreme heat, flooding, political instability and infighting, oppression from conservatives of minority groups, and far right extremists preparing to commit terrorist activities because they don’t like how democracy works. This shit all the time coupled with our own personal problems.

What can we do?

We can petition the government to shut down golf courses and limit their water usage. We can send money to political efforts to help keep the radicals out of office. We can send money in aid. We can raise awareness in our own way about the issue that is fucking us up. We can get creative about the solutions we need to combat our own problems and those the world faces. But it won’t happen unless you can see it getting better. It won’t happen unless you can imagine a better future. Even imagining a healed planet, a place to enjoy, imagine being a part of the solution, imagining a better future makes taking action more plausible. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Said “I have a dream.” It wasn’t a reality it was becoming one. We get closer to that dream all the time, no matter how many attacks there are against it, the dream of equality will continue until realized. Why? Because it is necessary for us all to have a better life.

I believe we are stepping into a new future, it can either be apocalyptic or a new reawakening to the fact that we need each other and live better when in cooperation with each other. I hope anyway. I hope.

The hardest part about living in this time is we are still trying to figure our shit out. We are still trying to raise families, build careers or businesses, pursue dreams. We do this because that is what is within our power. With the big stuff we can lend our voice, or money and energy, and join communities that have a positive impact. It is up to us to respond to life’s hardships with love and hope.

Later Gator 🐊