Flow, Ego, and Community. Don’t Lose the Narrative of Your Life.

Good morning, lets, get after it.

The Mother Fucking Flow.
What we want can actually work against our own life’s flow. The reason is what we say we want throws off what we actually want. There are ego desires that replace real desires, wants, needs, and dreams. Ego desires are about being rich and famous, they are about getting without giving anything of quality; they want to be the boss. Ego desires are the trappings of entitlement and illusion. They have nothing to do with your reality or personal strengths. They want you to be someone else. Ego desires have nothing to do with genuinely pursuing your purpose or passions. It has nothing to do with actually making your life better. It has everything to do with looking at what others have earned and pursued and saying that should be me. Ego desires are personal parasites. They consume us from the inside out, stripping away our chance to actually live our own kick ass life.

So, with the world on social media feeding the ego, what the fuck do we do our real desires to be liked and valued? We are tribal people, the nuclear family fucked up what it means to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. It destroyed community resilience in familial settings. Nowadays cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, are strangers. They live a different way. But long ago now, generations lived under one roof. Communities new families and your actions would reflect your family’s name. How y’all got along mattered. Survival was important and if no one wanted to do business with your family, you might not eat. The desire to be liked and connected is important in human life, even if it is artificially done like on social media. I fucking love social media. But it doesn’t help if you only look at what other people are doing and not figuring out your shit.

Your shit is your business. It is the purpose and passions you choose to follow. It is knowing what you do serves others. Crazy, but true; the highest rewarding desires are the ones where others benefit from you doing it. Art is the biggest example, there are people who pay for art and love the shit out of it more than the creator of the art does. They love that shit. Star Wars nerds love the mythos of Star Wars so much their imagination of it floods over into their lives. Star Wars brings them joy and comfort. The automatic that loves working on cars and spends her life doing it and getting paid, rests easy knowing they are secure and helping others- and getting paid. This shit isn’t complicated until you decide you want to be someone else. It becomes hard when you pursue someone else’s life and purpose. When you push yourself to take on work that doesn’t suit you. That is when you are swimming against a stream that is meant to take you on a great adventure of self discovery and purpose. Not everyone was meant for fame, but everyone is meant to be known. Social media helps us build those connections if we use it as such. If we don’t chase clout, fame, fortune, but human connection, then it isn’t a bad thing. I feel like that needed to be said. Being known for something good is always a good thing.

Building your community doesn’t need to take place online. It can also take place in real fucking life. You can go to work and build friendships. You can do community service and meet people. You can play a sport and build friendships there. Get a hobby that connects you with others. These things, are become a part of your purpose, your flow, your passions and support your life. None of these things require you to be outstanding, the best, or better than anyone else. But if you do them, they become a part or the flow of your life. If you do them, you can break out of your shell and be known.

I know this post is a bit later than normal. I don’t have work today, I have a funeral to go to. What matters in the end of the journey is the people who join you, love you, and those you help along the way. Your accomplishments matter more when they do something for others. Most of the time, we don’t even know our accomplishments serve others through inspiration.

Later Gator 🐊