Life Cycles

Good morning, let’s talk.

We are going to be quick. Who we are is more important than what we do. Who we become is a result of what we do. What we do is the result of what we think or don’t think. What we think about is a result of our attitude. Our attitude is based on our thinking over time. There are cycles of thinking, doing, feeling, that result in who we are and who we are to become.

The patterns we live in can span years, months, weeks, and days. If you look back long enough, you will see them come full circle in your face. Some cycles break, some just evolve, and some hide in plain sight. I am no stranger to it.

Watch your life, we are entering a new season soon, the end of summer, the beginning of school, the days are getting shorter, and a pattern in your life might emerge. Something you always did or think might just be to your detriment. Winter comes and you take a step back from your goals. School starts so you eat like shit because you’re busy. It feels like you have less time so you stop working on your dance moves. I don’t know, what I know is it isn’t new. We all have patterns. Some of those patterns hurt us. But knowing we have them, they can be used to our advantage. So, watch the pattern of your life and make small changes to how you think. Challenge your attitude; ask if it is helpful. Ask yourself if you are becoming the person you want to be?

We all have something. Now is a good time to check in and create our own new cycles.

Later Gator 🐊