The Work Of Leaders and The Problems of Today, Kind of.

Good morning, let’s get it.

The work. It is on my fucking mind. Why? Because we have problems. As a global community, we have problems. As nations, we have problems. As cities, we have problems. As small communities, that’s fucking right, we have problems. Because, as individuals we have a lot of problems. Unfortunately, all these problems require work. That is the magic formula.

There is a narrative in my head that gets put on repeat. It came to me when I was younger and had real solutions to offer at work. Because if you have worked at any company they all realized at some point their employees were capable of thought. So, they ask, “Hey, what do you guys think will help improve our; morale, safety, S.O.P.?” When people, like me offered our insight, it became clear, our solutions were work. They wanted solutions that didn’t require effort on their part. Change, real change always takes work. That work needs to start at the top. Yes, it can happen from the bottom up, but most of the time, human nature requires a top down approach. The person at the top setting the example, beating the drum for change, and rewarding those that do.

The world we live in is so interconnected, that it is reckless for wars, hate mongering, and misinformation/disinformation to be a thing we do to each other. Our world is heating up making it unlivable for millions of people. Probably fucking billions. Our food supply can be worked so that no one has to starve, but those at the top use supply and demand to maintain their wealth. They use water recklessly for golf courses and green yards. They imagine doing nothing about the problem is a viable solution. It won’t be when we have climate migration and climate refugees within our nation, leaving place because there is no water. The reality is there are solutions. There are people working to combat human waste, human activities that heat the planet, and better food sources. They are putting in the work, but they need leaders to tout their efforts. They need people to put in the work and plant fucking trees. They need people who will use their wealth to combat the issues we are facing today. I get life and all the problems seem too complex to fix, but with enough of us working on solutions, we can do it. It just takes work.

Do believe greed is the root of all evil. I think it takes over a person and callouses their hearts. It numbs their emotions towards those who suffer and put their inconvenience on par with it. I believe the ‘me first’ mentality is the worst survival mechanism we have developed. I hope one day we can all develop a ‘we’ mentality. A mindset that considers the group, the tribe, the nation, the world and acts in all our best interests. But that takes work. For major countries and communities to choose to live in peace it takes work. For religious groups to live in peace it takes work. Communities to overcome their differences it takes work. It takes leadership. It takes leaders putting in the work to bridge the gaps and coexist in peace. To thrive together with their neighbors, to shake hands across the isle for the common good.

Most of the work of leadership is the work of making life better for others. It shouldn’t be to make others work to make the leader’s life better. But time and time again that is the example we have seen.

Anyway, I am out of time.

Later Gator šŸŠ