Growth, Getting Paid, and Money

Good Morning, let get it.

You get to choose what you are getting paid for. Insane right? But it is true. It is one of the simplest truths out there. It is strange, but some people work for money. Like, that is their Why. I know it is normal to go to work for money, but if it is your dream job, your passion, your purpose, then the money is secondary.

What if the only way to feel fulfilled was through work? What if being a teacher set you on fire? What if getting in the classroom and engaging with students made your life experience better? What if leading a team through hard times gave you a sense of direction in your life? What if cooking food brought you the most joy? What if acting produced in you all the thrill and acceptance you wanted in life? What if working at the grocery store gave you a sense of community and connection that made you feel serendipity was a daily occurrence. What if, is the beginning of anything we want to try. Most people go negative, so they don’t have to.

Alright, so, we are going to work on getting better. Are we going to get paid for it? Maybe. But is that the motive, is that your life’s motivation, fucking money. Nah, we get better, because the evidence of life is growth. I know, it is work and depending on where you are in life, it might not be fun. But life is never stagnant, it is always in flux. Use it or lose it kind of shit. So, getting better at things we care about, putting in the work, is more valuable than money. Money can become a byproduct of being great at something. You can choose what you want to be great at, if you put in the work, you might just make it.

There are billions of people in the world, BILLIONS! You are probably better at something than millions. Fucking let that sink in. You are probably better at something naturally than millions of people. That is without doing the work. So, you put in the work, you get your ass out there, and your skill might be worth more than you could currently imagine.

I gotta go. Just think about this: money isn’t the only standard we use when we put in the work, we just don’t give growth the same weight, but both determine how we live.

Later Gator 🐊