Routine for Progress

Good morning, let’s get it.

Routines are essential for progress. I hate it.
I love chaos, but having a solid routine is important for growth. Especially long term growth. It is treating life like and art form. It is controlling your time and effort. A good sleep routine will produce better sleep. A good exercise routine will produce a fitter body. A good art practice will lead to better skill over time. The same goes for eating habits, language learning, and mindset development.

A routine helps us to get better over time. It doesn’t need us to become our best in a day, but makes us a little better daily and it compounds over time into huge changes. There are only two aims in a routine, consistency of an outcome and progress.

Consistency builds a connection with what is going on. Your mind and body connect and you can get into a flow. You can do the work without having to think. Progress comes when you make the routine challenging every time it becomes easy.

Building a routine can feel complicated, but it is simple. Pick one thing you want to do daily, then do it. Better at running, run. Better at drawing draw. Better at cooking, cook. After it becomes a habit, then work on techniques and programs. Over time you will have done enough to know what you want to work on. Keep it simple and slowly get in the habit of making shit harder for yourself.

Routine is in your control. We all have them. It is up to you to use it on purpose.

Later Gator 🐊