Expectations, Joy, Misery, and Freedom

Good morning, let’s go.

Expectation is the meanest son of a bitch. It defies reality, it set-up those around us to fail. It puts on them a weight they didn’t ask to bare. It puts an emotional burden on us when they don’t live up to our expectations. It is not that they did anything wrong. Oh, Expectations fucking kill us. The expectations we put on ourselves is more than The Man of Steel can handle. We let ourselves down. We created a high dive beyond our skill level and ability. Once on that high dive platform, we look down and realize we are going to have to climb the fuck back down. The whole time feeling shame and disappointment. The expectation we set, decimates our self-esteem and ability to try new things.

Eliminating expectation isn’t the answer. I know, it sounds great, get rid of that bitch. But expectation is what builds excitement in life. The expectation of seeing a loved one. The expectation of presents under a Christmas tree. The expectation of getting a new job. The expectation of finishing a piece of art. When all of the expectations are satisfied, joy.

Some people set their expectations low. They don’t let themselves get excited. They can’t handle disappointment. They don’t get their hopes up. Most of the time they expect the worst. Because of that they never give it their all. They set the bar so low they don’t try to do anything. They would rather have confirmation of low expectations instead of giving it their all and falling short. They don’t take control to make anything better, but sit back and say “I told you so.”

Fucking life, right? It feels like we don’t have much choice. But we do, we can choose when to have high expectations and when to have low. We can choose to settle our expectations in reality. We can competently say “if this, then that” And if shit doesn’t work we can analyze why and fucking try again. We can learn. Disappointed is temporary and success isn’t forever. The Almighty has given us the gift of time. Within that time, we can learn, grow, and adapt to life. Our expectations can change just by adjusting our attitude. If we took a step back from our situation, we can get a better perspective and see where our expectations should be. We can adjust. Should they be high? Should they be lower? Do we have control of the outcome? Are we expecting miracles or promises that cannot be kept?

Settle the fuck down. Breathing is essential to your life and peace. Get with your breath and then take action. Let go of the expectations you put on yourself and others and be surprised. No matter what I say, you will continue to set your standard on the world. When you don’t live up to them, you will be disappointed in yourself. Let yourself be human. I get it life is hard and we are going through hard times. But life is a fucking adventure and it is up to you to turn it into one. We have a million ways to change our situations. The problem is we only see one or two. We haven’t gotten creative and wild enough to come up with surprising shit to try. We expect it to be too stupid to work and that is when we miss opportunities.

My dear reader, I know how fucking hard life is. I also know that we aren’t here to be kites in the wind. We are to be birds in the sky, it is the pressure and force from the wind that takes us in flight. We are not tethered to a situation to be beaten by the wind. We are to take flight and go farther and higher than we can imagine, if we just believe. Don’t settle, set a course. Find new ways to live. Create- Create-Create, it is given to you to find a new way. A way off the farm, a way out of the city, a way from suburban life, a way into new spaces, a way to connect with others, a way to earn income, a way to change the political situation, a way- you create the bridges, the paths, the conversations, the products, the music, the festival, the experience. I give you permission to try and make your life better, to try and make your city better, to try and make the world better.

Later Gator 🐊