Go F’n Wild

Good morning, let’s get it.

Most of us have a fucking wild dream we want to pursue. Some of us, me, have stupid fun ideas we want to pursue. And the reality is if it is legal and doesn’t harm anyone, no one is stopping us.

It might be a Wednesday to you, but that doesn’t mean shit. It means you are living in line with the world’s timeline. It shouldn’t just be Wednesday, the 17th. This bitch should be day 28 of a 30 day challenge. This day, could be the day you actually lift your body weight over your head. This day could be the day you set up your first art exhibit. This day could be the day you start school and that is the first step in your plan to live the life of your fucking dreams. Today doesn’t have to be average. It could be a part of your plan. It could be a necessary step to your dreams.

Deep-down people bury their soul’s desires. They imagine people give a shit about them. What other people thing holds them back. People don’t give two shits about your dream. They don’t think about you unless it involves them. You don’t need their fucking buy-in. You don’t need their approval or encouragement. You need to let your soul live.

These mother-fuckers are going to write the weakest obituary about you. Your whole life to them encapsulated in a few paragraphs, that a few people will read. If that is the case, which I strongly think it will be. Make them write, “They lived the life of their dreams and inspired everyone around them.” Living your dreams inspires others. You have to read that again, LIVING YOUR DREAMS INSPIRES OTHERS. The best living legacy you can leave is that which spreads to others. Make them mourn the fact they didn’t get to know you. Let your dreams coming true become others possiblity. If you can do it, others will believe they can too. If you accomplish what others believe is impossible, they will question their limits of possibility.
So, fucking live the life of your dreams.

Later Gator 🐊

P.S. Struggle may just be the path we have to take, but let’s take it like a fighter in the ring. Let’s beat the shit out of this journey.