Having A Plan

Good morning, let’s go.

Do you want to know what holds most people back from getting shit done? It is simple, they lack a plan. Crazy, right? They have dreams, goals, desires, intentions, but no plans to get there. It is more common than you think. It isn’t that people don’t know how. It takes work. It takes time, and it takes energy to keep it going. Oh, and you have to make it up. That is the hardest part. You have to be creative in how you are going to live and act in the future.

Tony Robbins has this idea call the MAP. It is a Massive Action Plan, basically you write down everything you can fucking do to achieve a goal, and then attack. You don’t do just one thing, you do as many of the things you can according to your plan. What most people fail to realize is we are all just winging it so a plan of attack like this isn’t crazy. All of our best plans are best guesses. Knowing that should take any pressure off from getting it right. What we need to do is get it done.

Step 1: Write down a compelling vision of the future.
Step 2: Write down all the obstacles.
Step 3: Write down how you would deal with them.
Step 4: Write down 10 things you would do to make that future come true.
Step 5: Write down all the things the Almighty needs to do to help achieve it, why go it alone?
Step 6: Write a start date next to each plan. There is no deadline, only a future to inhabit.

The above is a plan to make a plan. If you needed one to get going. One last thing, adjust the fucking plan, not the goal. If your goals are genuinely yours, don’t change your desire because the road is hard. Get better, try again, and level up.

Later Gator 🐊