The Rules Used To Determine How You Will Live

Good morning, let’s do it.

What we do by nature is a big part of who we are.

What we do by choice defines who we are.

What we do out of necessity defines the limits of our bravery and imagination.

We need reasons. We need reasons to explain life, so then we can function in it. Humans need reasons. We need to know not only why others do what they do, but why we do what we do. The more we understand, the easier life is to navigate.

We live in a world where people believe the craziest shit. From conspiracy theories to out of touch religious or spiritual beliefs- they rely on someone dictating to them what to think in order to function. They live in the dogmas, catechisms, and stereotypes. They don’t see themselves in others. They don’t truly see themselves. They use a thought filter that distorts how they see things. Which is sad. But the reason they do it is out of fear. If you have to think for yourself it is scary. If you have to determine your own future and try to make it come into fruition it is paralyzing. If you actually have to get to know someone else, there is risk involved. But enough about them.

The people who need rules to follow are not crazy, they are normal. We all need rules to follow. It helps us function. It helps us to get along with others. Simple manners help us to get along with others. Business practices help us to get shit done. A healthy diet is a rule book for food. And so on and so forth.

By nature some of us are people people. By choice some of us are leaders. Out of fear some of us are trapped in a dead end job. Through imagination, some of us create new worlds. The rules we choose to live by will dictate how we apply our natural abilities, the choices we make, and what is within the realm of our imagination. Self-reflection is the biggest difference maker in how you chose to live. If you decide to let dogmas, or any outside belief system (personality types) dictates who you are or what you are capable of you will miss out on your own insights.

That’s all I got this morning. Oh, and yesterday I slowly got better throughout the day, took it easy and then got my workout in. For those wondering.

Later Gator ­čÉŐ