Adversity and Goals

Good morning, let’s go.

I woke up sick. Not any kind of sick, but sick. Headache, sweats, and eventually a little vomiting. It took a while to get back to sleep. Then the alarms went off. I am still ugh. But I seem okay, still with the headache. My hope for today is I get feeling well enough to workout. I am on the last week of an eight week goal. I have kept the same routine and have not missed a day. I do not want to miss today.

After this week I fee myself to pursue a new fitness goal, Dragon Squats. They look real hard and cool to do. Tiktok 🤦‍♂️, But that is the next goal. It will require a lot from me. It will also bring plenty of benefits. Not completing this goal, was on my mind though as I laid on my bathroom floor to cool off. If you want to know what goals matter to you, that is how you know. It is in your worst moments, your most helpless moments that you think about achieving them. Most people quit on their goals at the first adverse moment. The end doesn’t justify the means. The goal for them is a nice to do, not a need to do.

Well, wish me luck. I am going to make it through work, and then knock out my workout. Hopefully it was just something I ate. As for you, figure out what you want to accomplish. Don’t announce it to the world just get to work on it. If you figure out early on, it ain’t what you want, then move on. If adversity strikes and you still want to go for it, tell people, most of the time they love to help other’s achieve their goals.

Alright, I’m done.

Later Gator 🐊