Habits Are Personal

Good morning, let’s get it.

Find your groove. There are a lot of people and books out there that will tell you what habits to follow. They assume what worked for them will work for you. There is no real guarantee that it will. Have you ever trained someone at work. You explain to them what you do. And make sure they know your way works to get the job done. You explain the whole fucking process. They do it your way, the best they can and seem capable of doing it. You leave them alone long enough and they are doing it in a different way. They figured out a different way to get the same results and it works for them. They had to figure it out and it had to work with their brain patterns. I know not every job has room to make personal, but every fucking habit you take on will be. It has to suit you.
Taking on a habit that your mind rejects is like putting on a pair of pants too big. You will have to hold it up with your hand, and if you need a belt, that bitch will be uncomfortable the whole time. Not only that you won’t look or feel right. You will always have to be adjusting.

Create habits that not only suit you but make you better. It isn’t easy, there will be trial and error. You need to give yourself the grace to grow. Just like the new girl at work who is figuring shit out, so are you. Getting better doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and practice. It takes work.

Here is the thing, habits are not goals. Habits are how we live. Exercise habits are not an I am going to the gym until I hit this point. It is not I am going to diet until I hit this weight goal. Habits are I am going to live this way. I will do this thing in perpetuity. I will read daily, I will write daily, I will drink plenty of water daily, I will stretch daily, I will.
I am not going to tell you how to make a new habit or what habits to have today. I think you should put thought into the patter you want to live by. Something that suits you. Shit, for all I know you might need 12 hours of sleep and need to make that your habit. What I know is we have control over our habits. So see which ones you have and which ones you want to change.

Keep it simple.

I gotta go.

Later Gator šŸŠ