Choosing Your Mindset

Good morning, let get it.

Mindset matters.
Your mindset matters.
How you think about life matters.
How you consider problems matters.

Mindset is not stagnant.
Your mind changes all the time.
The experience you have in life either confirm or confront what you think.
If you don’t give yourself freedom to think differently, you will always be a prisoner.

The metaphor you use for life will determine your quality of life.

A race?
A journey?
A marathon?
A bus?
An adventure?
A bitch?
A beach?
A party?

I could go on. Life is life. It isn’t a game.

Things happen in life that are horrible. Things happen in life that ruin our good times. Bad things and good things happen. It is a part of life. Nothing has to stay the same. Nothing has to go from good to bad and from bad to worse. We have the power to make it better. Our mindset, helps us do that. Creating metaphors for life, helps us cope and understand life. But using them is like looking at a painting and thinking that is what life is. It is either a replica of a moment or an expression of one, but it is not the same thing.

With that, I will take Seth Godin’s book Poke the Box and use it as our metaphor.
Life is a box, we poke it to get a reaction. We poke it to see what it will do in response. We poke it like a baby exploring the world. The more we poke the box the more we learn and grow. The more we figure out. It is up to us to poke the box. If our mindset, is that of curiosity, I will just do this and see what happens, then we are setting ourselves up for adventure.

I know, bad things are happening throughout the world right now. It is up to you, to make good things happen. Poke the box in that way. Play the role of the good guy. Choose a curious mindset. Choose an upbeat one. Choose to see the world and life like a gift you actually wanted. Choose to be brave. Choose to confront the impossible. Choose to be yourself and embrace your gifts and talents. Choose to be free.

I gotta go. But I want to leave you with this. Your mindset is not only changeable, it is chooseable. You might have to put in the work through affirmations, studying those who have gone before you, or just proving to yourself through actions that you can be different. Choosing a positive mindset is never a wrong choice.

Later Gator ­čÉŐ