Disappointment Is A Part Of The Process

Good morning, let’s get going.

Ever go on a diet and the scale doesn’t change? Like you anticipated big results because you did good, you killed it, and nothing changed? Shit happens all the time. All the time. Not just diet goals, but right now we are talking about diet goals. Why, because week two into a diet and my shit is stagnant. Same size as last Friday. My anticipated outcome was to be down two pounds. The goal is two pounds, and I am not too strict. So, what do we do with disappointment?

We fucking learn from it.

What else can you do? I am being serious. On a diet, the only thing you can do, besides quit which is silly, is to learn. Consider what has been done, what failing has happened and what can be done better. Last weekend I know I had too much wine. I might need to consider smaller portions during some nights of the week and think about how much I consume throughout the day. Diet over exercise is the key. It is also the hard part. It takes time and patience.

I am not mad at myself or the results. They are just that, results. I will continue on the diet and make small adjustments to my daily habits and hopefully it will be enough. I plan on being alive for a long time, so small things like this aren’t the end of the world. Dieting isn’t about restrictions it is also about what you want to eat. That is part of the reason I am not worried about not hit the mark. With patience and determination I will get there. I like the idea of two pounds a week, it is easy math and a stretch goal. This week is over, learning what to do and not to do is part of the process. A week of maintaining isn’t a bad week.

Diet is a huge deal for everyone. Most of the people I know say they need to go on a diet. What they don’t understand is we are all on a diet, we all have eating habits, what might be easier for them is to consider the input of energy and the output. Calories in, calories out, and calories stored is an easier way to think about food. A sugar spiked if not used gets stored, same thing with protein and I am 99% it doesn’t happen with fat. Fat is a slow digesting energy source. If the body consumes a lot of protein it can convert it into glucose (sugar) and store it. Some shit like that anyway. Fats good, Carbs good, Protein good, moderation and thought makes a great diet. Oh, the point of dieting to lose weight is to switch to a diet that maintains it. If there is a size you want to be, you will always be on some kind of diet.

Later Gator 🐊

P.S. I am not a doctor, nutritionist, or health care professional, if you want results, consult one of these people, they paid a shit ton of money to know what they know. They also put in a ton of work to know what they know. Really, if you are concerned with diet and exercise it is okay to pay for someone else’s knowledge, insight, and understanding.