Creative F’n Problem Solver

Good morning, let’s go.

There is a difference between What you think and what you imagine.
What you think is limited to what is. What you imagine goes from what could be to dreaming up the impossible. What you think is judgement, it is looking at what is and making sense of it. These two mother fuckers get together sometimes and what you get is human creativity.

What I need you to do is harnesses this power.

Be a creative fucking problem solver.


If anyone asks you what you do you let them know.
I solve problems.
Not only that, but you do it proficiently.

It is human to do this. It is an unused ability we all share.

We are so used to there being a right answer that we unlearned life’s greatest truth. There’s many right answers. Some are simple some are complex. Humanity has risen to answer questions no one is asking and because of that we have the technology that puts us in space.

We all have problems. We can be our solution if we just believe. Believe you are a creative problem solver and that you can handle anything. Explore ideas, explore careers, explore businesses, explore nature, explore libraries, explore civics and human history, you will find people just like you are responsible for the greatest thing we have. Give it a shot.

Later Gator 🐊