The Value of Consuming Information

Good morning, let’s get to it.

Two books have danced in my head the last two days. One on pricing, the other on how our minds are organized, mix in a little Ted Lasso and that is a weird thought pattern. Anyway, what strikes me and I think is worth sharing is the value of information we get. Everything we have to think about has a mental price. If we get too much garbage it can emotionally fatigue us. Our brains weren’t developed for social media. Our brains weren’t developed for half the shit we have it do. But to receive an insane amount of information all the time can take its toll. The price we pay to be informed can wipe out a lot of people. It should be assessed for value to the consumer. Does the comment section really need to be read? Do you really need to check in every day to see if anyone posted anything of interest?

There is no easy answer to the question of how to navigate today’s online and offline world. Abstinence may leave one disconnected and out of place. Engaging to much might leave someone lost in a world of information that is unnecessary. I think to find value we have to not give a fuck about a lot of things. We have to decide ahead of time, what matters, what we want and what we don’t want. Life is too short to waste energy on shit that doesn’t matter.

Alright, I have to wrap this up.

Everything has a value. Everything. It is up to you to decide what matters, what has value, what is worth pursuing and what is worth not giving a fuck about. Knowing that what we read, watch, and listen to has a price we pay, it is our responsibility to make sure we aren’t getting hustled. Entertainment is a value, connection is a value, insight is a value, growth is a value, and relaxing is a value. To each their own on the price they will pay for it.

Later Gator šŸŠ