Being Responsible Can Change The World

Good morning, let’s get it!

The world is yours, treat it well.
Your body is yours, treat it well.
Your family is yours, treat it well.
Your mind is yours, treat it well.
Your community is yours, treat it well.
Your soul is yours, treat it well.
Your friends are yours, treat them well.

Taking responsibility for everything in your life doesn’t mean you are responsible for everything. It means you are willing to step up and do the right thing in the situation. You are not looking to someone else for direction. You act like an adult and do what you think is best for all. I know it seems hard. But you can do it.

Oh, I am not saying, take the weight of the world and put it on your shoulders, fuck that. What I am talking about is doing what you can. If all you can do is say thoughts and prayers, your ass better make sure those thoughts and prayers actually do something. To claim you have the ear of the almighty and then nothing happens, means you don’t. But if your thoughts and prayers are “Lord, give me the strength to change this situation.” And after that, you take some kind of action keep those thoughts and prayers up. But if you are praying for the grieving to be comforted, that isn’t how it works. Your ass in proximity is to be the comforter, the Almighty, put you in your heart to do something.

It is Friday.
We are at the end of July.
We have a choice to make.
Do we choose to make the world a better place just by being a good responsible person or do we selfishly live and shrug the needs of ourselves and others?

It might be hard for some to understand, but humanity is a single being. When we pursue good, we pursue purpose, doing good for ourselves in the long run does good for others too. When we pursue greed, we are suicidal. When we live for the flourishing of our soul and the betterment of others, we live. Once humanity can turn from an Us vs. Them; we can truly be a WE. Then we can truly stop fighting over resources and work to expand them. We can stop blocking each other from land that belongs to all and start conserving it for nature. We can let the planet get rest and thrive.

Becoming a we starts with an I.

I will be different.

I will love others.

I will take responsibility.

I hope you have a great day, and fun weekend.

Later Gator 🐊