Thinking is a Responsibility

Good morning, let’s dive in.

What do you think?
How many times were you asked that question?
How many times do you actually think about the question before answering?

Yes, most of the time someone asks just to get confirmation of what they already think. But sometimes they actually want to know what you think. For that to be the case you have to think.

We live in a time of being bombarded with irrelevant information and given no time to think about what we are hearing or seeing. It is our responsibility to think for ourselves and most people don’t. They believe what they hear, especially if it sounds true to them.

The danger we have in our times is we don’t question enough. We don’t question, authors, speakers, media personalities, or the amount of influencers world wide as to what their motives are. We don’t look at the information being presented and ask what is in it for you if I believe this. We don’t pull back the curtain to see the man pulling the levers. Instead, we take the information we get at face value. It becomes hard for us to not believe someone when we don’t see their motives. We assume they speak from the goodness of their heart. We don’t see their motives, we don’t see the value they get from having your trust. We see what they want us to see. Reading in between the lines, picking up on the subtle things, and making sure what they say and do line up matters. It is not that everyone is running a con, or trying to earn your trust to take advantage of it. But there are plenty of people out there working on it.

What do you think is the best way to see a person’s motives?
How they spend their money?
How they speak about their fellow man?
Are they peddling fear?
Do they want you to hate someone?
Are they willing to sacrifice for others, or do they need to get paid to do good?
Do they need someone to see their “good” deed in order to do it?
Who pays their bills?

The danger we find ourselves in today is most people don’t know how to think for themselves. They don’t know how to sit alone with a question without an immediate answer. They do not know how to meditate on a question, to consider it, to rest with it, or play with it. There is too much going on to actually think. But doing so can change your world. We have the power to strengthen and change our own minds. We have a responsibility to think for ourselves, I suggest we make time for it. At the least, take five minutes after hearing an opinion and think about it and the person offering it up. Shit, do it now, what do I have to gain from offering my opinion?

Anyway, I gotta go.
Have a great day.

Later Gator šŸŠ