Why You Eat

Good morning, let’s jump in.

The hardest part of starting a diet is the discipline it takes to change. If the diet is in a deficit, then hunger will demand you break the diet. If you are cutting sweets, the craving for something tasty, carbs are delicious and hook it up with an instant energy boost. Too much which is what most of us get and it gets stored. Almost the same with protein, too much and the body will convert it to energy or store it. Why we eat matters in our society. The why is something we have control over. The “why” we eat, is beyond survival.

The why matters.
Do we eat for comfort, most of us do without knowing it.
Do we eat for pleasure, most of our meals are based around it.
Do we eat for health, a rare amount of us have this at the top of the list.
Do we eat for energy? Fuck yeah, that is why we eat.

Sounds crazy when you give it thought, but eating for energy is our body’s primary motive. Eating too much is just storing that energy later. Shit, what strikes me as bizarre is energy drinks. That is what food is for. I have to wrap this up I started writing late, and I am out of time.

Now, we have sources for getting energy. Primarily carbs and fats. Now protein can be converted to an energy source, the body’s wizardry is fascinating, but it shouldn’t be. Protein should be our source for rebuilding our bodies after we damage it or old shit needs to be replaced. Now that is where we need to decide what energy source we want to tap into, fat or carbs. The keto diet is a fat based energy diet, almost all other diets are carb based for energy. It can be that simple. There are two kinds of carbs, slow digestive carbs or quickly digested carbs. The slower the better, it continually delivers energy to the body. The quick carbs flood the system, and if not used get turned into fat for use later. Keeping this shit simple, I should have already hit publish. Now, to get to the stored fat on your body, you need to be at a deficit or your body needs to use it in the moment for energy, like a run that goes longer than a half hour.

Shit, I am out of time.

Okay, Why you eat matters. It matters for your mental health, your physical health, but most of all for your life goals. Eat what is going to fuel you first and then what will make you happy second.

Alright I am out.

Later Gator 🐊