Reading For Insight

Good morning, let’s get it.

It was a nice little break. I probably could have read faster and took more notes, but that is just false productivity wanting to kick in. That happens, a more is better kind of thing. When it comes to absorbing information for humans, it isn’t true. More information at one time will not lead to retention of all the information. We will filter it out. A massive information dump will not lead to the ability to use all that information. Instead your brain will have to figure out what to keep and even that might not be useful. Because the information you receive might not be relevant to your life or working situation. BUT, what you get by learning, by taking the time to read, taking notes, and explore is a new or better understanding of life and how things or people work.

The problem with getting new ideas or information is trying to break a habit or way of thinking to apply it. The only way to really learn, to let your brain metabolize information is to use it. Not in a hypothetical, but in a real world situation. That is hard to do with most information, possible, but hard to do.

We are in the last week of July, the beginning of another 1st of the Month, a fresh 31 days. My suggestion read that book, you bought and try to find one new insight that you can actually apply to your life or thinking. I know you bought a book to help you with your shit, I think everyone has at least one book they bought and never used. If you don’t have one, buy a book today. This week find a nugget of gold and use it. That is right for 31 days try concisely applying a principle or insight.

You don’t have to read the whole book. Skim it. Read the chapter that is most interesting. Use the fucking book.

I am out of time.

I am glad to be back, write to you again tomorrow.

Later Gator 🐊