Peace Be With You

Good morning, let’s get it.

Mother fucking peace!
It is word used and not thought about. It is an idea that hasn’t seen its time. It is what we seek unconsciously.

It is what we want in our homes. It is what we want at work. It is what we want when we are out in our communities.

Yet, some want war. Some want to fight. Some have no understanding of being human. They only want power and control. The intentionally create conflict.

They do not know any other way of being. I understand why. Some are raised in violence and that is a way of life. To survive is to see other human beings as hostile.

But they don’t understand life doesn’t have to be that way.

They don’t understand that life can be safe. In our modern times we have safety in most developed countries. That is why they are developed countries.

But I do live in a country that thrives off of violence as a way of life. We don’t understand peace. Our peace to the uneducated exists in a false America, a white washed one, that doesn’t acknowledge the pain and oppression of minorities. A false history that cuts out the bad. But that is for another time.

It is the deepest need right now in our world that we create peace. That we work for it. That we change and challenge our ways to get it at home across the world. We are facing our own doom, and some profit from it. Our planet will be gone and any chance of enjoying nature will be too. Human peace doesn’t come from consumerism, it comes from service. It comes from creativity. It comes when we get out in nature. It comes in community. It comes when we feel safe to be ourselves. It comes when everyone feels safe to walk down the street.

I’m out of time.

Later Gator 🐊