The Ghost of New Year’s Goals Past

Good Morning, lets jump in.

The just passed half way through the year, I know it seems obvious. But there are goals we haven’t even started on: Summer bod? New career? Art projects? A storage closet that needs to be cleaned? A book you started writing last November and planned to finish writing by April? Go to an actual in person networking event? A book you bought to read and it just sits there? Oh, and the box of business cards that sit in a draw turning into shame? How about that website? No. TikTok? No. Instagram? No. Facebook page? Twitter, maybe? Oh, but maybe you did make the LinkedIn account? There is a ton of shit we could have done in 15 minutes that we wait months to do. Yes, there are long goals, but most of those are done my small strokes everyday.

There’s 172 days and ten to sixteen hours left of this year. The time depends on where you live and when you read this. If you wrote three pages a day you would have a 526 page book. If you stuck to a small calorie deficit and motivating exercise routine, you could have a new body. If you signed up for a certification, you could have a new skill to offer the job market. If you took a class on or read a book on how to network and applied it, you would have connections in your chosen field. If you read for fifteen minutes a day you would have new insights and your creativity would increase. If you learned why building a brand is right for you, you might have a reason to be on social media besides entertainment.

Our desires need to be stronger than our excuses. The best way to overcome our excuses is to build a mindset that serves us. But that will be for another time. Affirmations and mantras work. Sayings like “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you” or “screw it lets do it” or Fuck excuses” and my personal favorite “I do what most people won’t, so I can do what others can’t”

Just because you didn’t accomplish the goal in the time you set, doesn’t mean it doesn’t still exists. Let’s get after it and finish the year strong.

Later Gator šŸŠ