Eat Food and Lounge About

Good Morning, let’s go.

You are a whole human being. You are not just thoughts, emotions, and desires, you are an actual body. Your body is not only the place where you live, it is also a physical system that impacts how you live.

What you feed your body can make you sluggish, jitters, or make you run to the bathroom every few minutes in a panic. What you eat determines not only how you feel, but also how much energy you have.

On top of that we are not all built the same.

I realize diet and exercise gurus give advice as if we are all the same, but we aren’t. Some of us thrive with a Keto diet, some of us get physically destroyed doing it. Some of us a higher carb diet works. Those two types of diet are about where we get our energy, just to be clear. We turn fat into energy, it just takes longer to break down. That is not the point. The point is how you treat yourself matters.

Eating healthy comes in a variety of ways. And it is one we should be mindful of. We should not just eat for pleasure, but for energy and health. This helps how we feel, which impacts how we think and plays a huge role in what we can get done.

Our bodies were made for movement and ample rest. I know rest fucking matters. Not sitting down rest, but laying down, lounging like a fucking lion on a hot day, sleep until this bitch is livable rest. It is during that rest time, now hear me, it is during that rest time we get creative. We daydream, write plays, fantasies about what we will do later, talk, and enjoy being. When the body is at rest the mind can play.

Anyway, your body matters. Feed it enough, not too much. Give it rest and workout only in accordance with what you plan on feeding your body. If you want a 3000 kcal diet, then you need to move enough to make that happen. If you want to keep it simple at a 2100 kcal diet, then don’t over eat by mistake, learn to say “nah I’d rather lounge around than eat 2500 kcals today.” It can be that simple. We have a resting metabolism, which is how much we need to eat to survive. On that we need a certain amount to get shit done. That all depends on how active you are or want to be. Your diet matters as a part of your life goals. Your brain consumes twenty percent of your daily calories. Yeah, it takes food to think. So don’t starve yourself.

I’ve got to go, Later Gator 🐊