Learn From Failure

Good morning, let’s dive in.

Opportunities are out there. I know it seems hard to believe, but they do exist. Your ability to go after them depends on your willingness to fail and grow. That is right, fail. Unfortunately, that is how we learn, we use hindsight grow. We look back on what we did wrong and why. The more we fuck up, the more we can learn. But we do have to be willing to learn. We have to accept what happened and think about it.

I know we don’t have time like that in our modern world. We are busy being entertained. We are addicted to having something continually go on in front of us. But if we want more opportunities we need to learn from how we have squandered them, wasted them, and were unprepared for them. But if we make the time, we can learn. We can guide ourselves to the opportunities best suited for us.

Life is both simple and complex. Like the outside of a smart phone, simple to use, complex to build and run. This isn’t a new messaging just one we all need to be reminded of.

Later Gator 🐊