Independence Day

Good Morning, Letting go.

Happy Independence Day… History is muddy. The United States of America is a vast land with a dark history. Most of it is people overcoming evil, year after year, ideology after ideology. For the last thirty years or more it was propagated that is was thanks to our military. It took ownership of freedom from the common people. It took the we the people away from us and gave it to those who serve in a military form. By doing so it has removed the personal responsibility from of each of us to take on civic duties. Which removed us from experientially knowing how the systems of government work. It is why old laws haven’t been taken off the books and why our new understanding of humanity and life with technological advances are being retarded. Old people trying to force their way of life on younger generations.

But it is Independence Day, and we are in the struggle for all our rights. Every freedom cannot be taken for granted. The right to bodily autonomy should be law. The right to marry and spend your life with should be law. Stopping predators from grooming and forcing children into marriage, like Republican Senators want to do should be outlawed… Mother Fuckers out here trying to act like the LGBTQ+ community is a bunch of child groomers, when in fact, they are guilty of such an atrocity. But I digress. We need laws that stop corporations from destroying the planet and poisoning out waters and lands. We need to protect people form employers who would make people slaves and rule their lives. We need to work on policies and government spending that enrich poor neighborhoods. We need to discourage our current culture of violence and increase our interdependence amongst ourselves. To educate our children that money over everything is a life wasted and wanting. To teach them service and community lead to a happy life. To teach them that no matter what career they choose or fall into helps others. To educate voters on how politicians gain their wealth, be it immoral gains through stock market trading (because they have insight and control over policies) or ill begotten funding through corporations as a donation.

Shit that paragraph was way more than I planned on.

The point is The USA has a continual battle for civil rights. We might have won a war for independence, but the struggle continues for every person to be free from government tyranny. The American flag is the one which rose during the civil war, we beat the racists and slavers, we will do it again. We had our victories in the civil rights movements and we will have them again. It is in this time we the people take control of our rights.

Gotta go, some of us have to work, Later Gator 🐊