WE Are Mighty

Good Morning, let’s jump in.

There are times I feel powerless. Like I cannot change things that need to be changed. It feels like I am looking at the bottom of the barrel and wondering if I look up am I a fish someone else is ready to shoot. I know we are all feeling that way with EVERYTHING that has been happening. A world continually at war. Religious groups taking over governments. Natural disasters and a quickly eroding environment due to human greed. Mass shootings and the revival of racisms. A pandemic fueled by people who demand their rights and have no problem with taking them away from others. The government with the strongest military being hijacked by conservatives who don’t understand the value of life but only the value of money. Yeah, sometimes I feel powerless.

There is a fighting dog in us all. We don’t have all the power to change what is happening, but together we do. Together we have the power in all areas of life. Together we can make a change.

Small things are talking with like minded people. Small things are being vocal about boycotting brands and companies that support oppressive politicians. Small things are voting. Small things are learning every day how our government works. Small things are volunteering. Small things are donating. Small things are showing up to events. Small things are encouraging good people to run for office. Small things are getting jobs in the government. Small things are paying taxes and demanding to know how that money is spent. Small things don’t take away from our lives, but add to them. Small things give a purpose to our struggles.

At the end of the day, we aren’t fish in a barrel. We are sharks in the ocean, we can run this bitch. It is our duty to each other to stand up for our rights. Enough of us working in the same direction will bring a sea of change.

I got to go, later Gator 🐊


PS. We can make the world a better place. Don’t go it alone, WE are Mighty together.