Losing Isn’t The Worst Thing

Good morning, let’s go.

There are people who think being the best means you don’t lose. There are people who equate being the best with being unbeatable. There are people who don’t understand losing is a part of winning.

Life is a fast food trip away from learning you are human and vulnerable.

We are not unbeatable.

We can lose.


We can fucking learn.

Whatever doesn’t kill us, we can learn from, and that’s what makes us stronger.

Losing and not learning is a defeat physically and mentally. But you don’t have to go down like that! Figure your shit out.

You don’t have to study other people.

You need to know yourself.

Why and where you messed up.

You are not in a fucking fist fight.

You are in an uphill battle for glory.

You can take the fucking hill!

Learn from your mistakes, assumptions, and experience. Yesterday’s post was about serving others. Most people are out here fighting for themselves and they miss the fact that it isn’t enough to move their ass. But once they join a team, they get on board with a mission, they become creative and motivated. Their purpose and passions are ignited. They may lose but they eventually become unstable. There is no quit in them. Glory and honor come from serving others.

Losing isn’t the worst thing, not trying again is.

Later Gator 🐊