The Greatest Among You

Good morning, let’s do this.

There is plenty of work to do in the world. Good work. Helpful work. Noble work. There is work for those who seek glory. Money is the worst motivator. Money is self serving. Money is survival. Money is a long way around to get happiness.

There is something sad about the world. I see it in the way people talk. I see it in the way people choose what they will do with their lives. I see it on tv, in movies, and in books. I see it in religious talk. I see it because it stands in contrast with human nature. We act like we are the hero of our story and miss the fact that a hero is always serving a greater good, not themselves.

Humans broke the system of helping each other through slavery. We made serving each other a low position. We humanity, fought instead of cooperated. We sought only our good to the detriment of others. We hoarded resources and natures bounty. We are the children and grandchildren of a devastated landscape and the inheritors of poisoned land. We needed bigger houses, more cars, more luxury than our parents’ their values became ours. Comfort above all else.

The words of Jesus ignored, “The greatest among you will be the servant of all.” It is an upside down value. Leaders today claim to serve, but most are being served and enjoy high positions. They have no room to teach or preach something they live in contrast to. They are about serving those who will move their position higher. If leaders served it would be like a parent wanting their children to succeed. It would look radically different than how it is today. A serving leader shares the wealth. A serving leader looks to help others grow. A serving leader is vested in the success of their community. A serving leader is like a loving mother or father, looking to make the life of our children better.

We miss the point of life. We miss that being human is serving each other. It is our being to rely on one another. It is unfortunate that this value is hidden under the rug. But we don’t have to live that way. We can serve. We don’t need anyone to tell us what to do. We can choose to serve, we can choose to love, we can choose to live a life that is fulfilling because it is a benefit to others. Money may never come, but money will never make you loved by others.

Serving others is a great way to use your life. The funny thing is each of us has different capacities to serve. Some can do a lot, some can do a little, all can do something. Each can apply their gifts to the world. Oh, a gift we have like a natural talent, it isn’t for us. It is a gift the Almighty gives the world through us. You can’t fuck up unless you try to make it about you. Unless you steal whatever fruit the Almighty intended for the world. Other than that if you have a servants heart you can fail a thousand times and the Almighty will pick you up a thousand times.

Alright, I am out of time.

Later Gator 🐊