The Work You Choose

Good Morning, let’s go.

We were meant for rest. The human body wasn’t meant to be stressed out all day long. It wasn’t meant to be working hard for long periods of time, unless your jogging. We excel at doing less. I know a few people who can’t help but work a lot. They have the energy. They have the mental band with. They have to be busy.

Most people do not. You do not.

All you really have to do is just keep your shit together.

Organize your life.

Make sure you are doing the things you want and working towards doing the things you want.

Until we live in a world that has robots that willingly just pass butter, we as humans have to work.

There will be people who will waste their lives in shit jobs, miserable, and unbelieving that they can do better. There will be people who will work their way out of bad situations. There will be people who will be content and happy to make a living wage and enjoy the rest of their lives. No matter what there will be people looking to exploit them all for their personal gain.

That is fucking life.

But if you organize your shit, quit being distracted and do something every day, you might get to do what you want. I say might because you may want to do something that is out of reach for you, but the journey there is worth the effort. Bitching about doing shit work is pointless and ungrateful. Getting out of doing shit work is noble. Doing work you want is heroic. But bitching about it is like bitching about cooking and cleaning, it is a part of life and it just needs to get done. It is way easier than hunting down a rabbit gutting it, skinning it, cooking it, and then making sure scavengers don’t come and steal your left overs. Or some shit like that.

Doing the work we choose, even doing the work we settle for isn’t hard when we commit. Most people don’t commit to doing something they enjoy. They don’t see work as a part of self expression. They miss forty plus hours of living, of being, they seek to live a life outside of those hours. What they can’t escape is work is part of life. Someone is working for them, for a paycheck, for their next meal. They are in the same exchange. We as humans serve each other. The brilliant con-men of capitalism have made it to where the rich work less. That is fine, whatever, I am not trying to change that. I just want you to take advantage of it as much as you can. I want you to embrace life. Work is part of it. Having others work for you is too.

Choose to serve others. Choose to live a whole life that includes work. There is no work life balance. There is just life. Choosing the work you want to do is like choosing how you will live. Find something suitable for you. Find something that makes you smile. Something you will be proud of. Choose to live a life of value.

If you don’t work. Your life is valuable. If you choose to lay out on the beach and enjoy drinks. If you choose to watch movies all day. If you choose to golf all day long. If you choose to paint. If you choose to sing. If you choose to think. If you choose to learn. If you choose to play video games. If you choose to do nothing, your life is valuable. The value of work adds to a person’s life. It doesn’t define them. It doesn’t make them more valuable. It only has the potential to add value. For most people they get stuck in a mindset that work is the enemy and it devalues what they do and forty plus hours a week of their lives. They exchange the only thing that they have of infinite value for pennies. Choosing work is choosing how to live. Just by being here, your life has value.

Later Gator 🐊