Party Time

Good Morning, let’s go.

This is going to be a weird week.

I don’t know why, most weeks are weird.

Something major happens and somehow we just keep moving. Tragedy strikes and we keep living. We keep the status quo alive. We have to, it is the only way we live and control our lives. That is weird.

The thing is if something good happens do we even know how to celebrate it, embrace it, or enjoy it?

Do we know how to break the routine of doing to actually enjoy our lives?

I am sure some people do. But most of us don’t even know what to consider a win, a good thing, something to celebrate.

With that in mind, let’s do a new thing. Let’s learn to enjoy life. Let’s make it an act of joy to party as a regular part of life. If we can have weird weeks of tragedy, then we can celebrate our accomplishments for more than an hour. We can be those people who have birth months because being alive to them is worth more than celebrating for a day. Let’s figure out our wins and fucking enjoy it. Most of us don’t have wins in work or wins in life; we just have moments we move through.

It is up to us to create our own Superbowl, our own summer breaks. It is for us to make a calendar moment that breaks the rest of your life up into Before and After moments. Before I won and after. Before I lost the weight and after. Before I accomplished my dream and after. Don’t let tragedy be the only markers we have in life.

Later Gator 🐊