Picking Your Life’s Purpose

Good Morning! Let’s Fucking Go!

It is easy to become distracted in with surviving; especially in today’s world. Surviving isn’t what life is about. Surviving is what we do so that one day we might live. Out lives only push beyond that when we choose to live. When I say live I mean Fucking breath in such a way that the air is deep in our lungs and the high of being alive makes the world pop in a different way.

What is amazing about choosing to move beyond surviving is it is a fucking choice. Our purpose in life. Wait, let’s reframe that. The purpose we choose to have with our lives is only part of what it means to be alive. To be alive is to be aware- to have a sense of things- to be alive is to experience. We choose the level of our experiences. I know not realistic for people who are trying to survive. But once they get there, once they get past fight or flight, once they get to the top of the mountain with the prophets, then they can breathe. Then they have to choose to live. If they choose to live while they climb the mountain of life, the experience changes. It moves from one of evading death to one of conquering fear.

Embrace your journey with your purpose. Your not a fucking robot. You are not programmed to succeed, you must choose it. You are free to pick your purpose. You are free to embrace your natural inclinations. You are free to be an artist, activist, entrepreneur, actor, small business owner, writer, life coach, beach bum, free spirit, laborer, and more. Each is a journey, each is a way up a mountain if you choose to climb. Life is chaos and could end before you get started. So, pick your purpose, breath it in and enjoy the climb.

Later Gator 🐊