Egos Are For Protection

Good Morning, let’s get it.

The life you want to live is on the other side of your ego. It is on you to hold your ego accountable for the barriers you have in your life. Those barriers seemed like they were keeping pain and humility out. They instead were keeping life out. The walls built so high they became a prison. Some people with the smallest lives live in the biggest prisons. They think more about what others would think of them than they do of actually living.

The ego can be two things. As we have seen it can be a prison of doubt and fear. It can also be a shield. It can be light and mobile. It can protect you when you go out into the world. It can withstand blows from others. It can be any size you want, and when you feel like taking a break you can put it down. You see, you can arm yourself with looks, brains, humor, and money, and of course your personality. But building a strong ego lets those things take care of the fighting. The fighting most of us don’t want to do. The ego if not taken personally is able to withstand someone else’s bullshit and call them out on it. It doesn’t take it personally because it believes in you 100 percent. It will guard you and shield you. So, go ahead and be the Boss Ass Bitch you are and slay queen.

Later Gator šŸŠ