We All Have Something We Are Working Through

Good morning, let’s get going.

We all have to adapt to our situations. What most people don’t have to adapt to is themselves. They don’t have to have a strategy to get themselves to do something, most of the time it comes down to discipline or habit. Then there’s the others. The mentally distracted. We need to figure something else out, starting with ourselves. What makes us tick and what turns us off. It’s shitty.

But that is life. We all have something inside of us to work on. Sometimes that has to take place before we can work on our outside shit. Some of us have to find our why. Some of us have to find good habits to adopt. Some of us have to figure out our brain and what it is capable of then we can figure out our situation. Most of the time we are the reason for it.

The hardest part to come to terms with is it there’s no time out. We can’t stop living so we have to learn as we go. We can’t simply do what someone else does and expect to get their results. We are building our parachute or a hand glider as we free fall. A parachute for those that want safety and a hand glider for those that want to get somewhere. Either way, time is moving. We don’t have much of it.

The more I learn about the spectrum of intelligence, emotions, and brain functions the less I want to label anyone negatively. There is so much nuance to being human and the best we have is assessments and terms created before we knew better. All of that to say, we can rise above. We can rise above our situation, our disadvantages, and our negative assessments of ourselves. We can and we will, so that we can live full meaningful lives.

Oh, I guess I should give you something more.

Don’t take shit from anyone. If they are giving you shit for being you, walk the fuck away. They can keep their shit. It is on you to care for yourself. It is on you to work on your shit. What ever refuse comes from them, they can keep.

Later Gator 🐊