Belief is Like a Box of Chocolates

Good morning, lets dance!

Don’t believe everything that is old.

Don’t believe dumb shit.

A long time ago it was given that there were Gods and Goddesses. A long time ago, it changed to a singular God. A long time ago life was much more personal. When things happened to you, it was because of something you had done. There was such a belief in reality, a cause and effect reality, that God made sense. It made sense in why good or bad things happened to a person. A long time ago, people believed the earth was flat, because that is all they could see. A long time ago everyone couldn’t read, they could only pass down knowledge through verbal communication.

A long time ago people filled in gaps of knowledge with beliefs.

We still do it.

In the fitness and diet industry businesses and online personalities use this for profit. Online Universities do it to with bullshit career paths. YouTubers and influencers do it and spread misinformation. Shit, even our parents did it to explain life to us. Religion is based on the knowledge gap and those who seek answers.

A belief when it comes down to it, is filling up what is unknown with what is imagined to be true.

The conviction of religious beliefs tied to a person’s understanding of themselves is a dangerous situation. Because if challenged it threatens their whole understanding of the world and who they are in it. It is more than their feelings getting hurt when someone disagrees with them. Their world is under attack. This goes with all kinds of cult like groups as well. From political to pseudoscience and all kinds of spiritualty in-between. Shit, even business people create cult followings. Believing isn’t wrong or evil, it is very human. It is also what makes us easily manipulated, even by ourselves.

Anyway, I am running late.

Hopefully you have a kick ass day.

Later Gator 🐊